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Mr. Rogé sells his pharmacy to
​Mr. Prosper Cavaillès. It becomes the "Pharmacie Rogé Cavaillès", which can still be found today at 116 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris' 16th arrondissement.

Mr. Lachartre acquires the Pharmacie Rogé Cavaillès and launches a new range of products with the "surgras" soap for sensitive skin.
• Procter & Gamble acquires the Laboratoires Lachartre
• Expansion of the product range.
• ​First advertising campaigns.

• The Bolton Group acquires the Rogé Cavaillès brand.
• Launch of moisturizing Body Care.

• Launch of the scented "surgras" soaps.
• Distribution of the Botot brand.
• Launch of the Intimate Hygiene range.
• Launch of scented bath and shower products and functional shower gels.

• Launch of the deodorant range.
•​ Launch of intimate wipes.

• Acquisition of Sanogyl.
• Launch of the new line of cleansing creams.
​• Launch of the dermatological deo-care roll-on.

Launch of active Protection Intimate Cleansing Care.

• Launch of the Sebactiv range for blemish-prone skin.
• Launch of the intensive treatment deo-care roll-on.

• Launch of the refreshing intimate cleansing gel.
•​ Launch of Mycolea.

• Launch of the Nutrissance range.
• Launch of the fragrance-free regulator deo-care roll-on.

Launch of the velveting bath and shower oil.

sensitive skin protection